Store shelves with computer equipment was emptied due to increased popularity of mining in 2017. The situation has become so critical that fans of computer games were left without gaming equipment - mining has dragged all the components to their needs and left gamers with nothing. People began to collect home version of mining farm with these components.

But the mining of cryptocurrency turned out to be quite an energy-consuming event. As a result, the power grid and home computers simply could not handle the load, and the miners began to look for an alternative option.

As an alternative, mining hotels appeared - rental service of platfrom for placing and power supplying of mining farm. The room is equipped with farm storage racks, industrial air conditioners to prevent overheating of equipment and reliable and powerful electrical network, protected from overloads.

This idea arose for the reason that the popularity of mining and increasing the high cost of mining cryptocurrency required an increase in the scale of production and large capacity, and this requires a suitable infrastructure.

In order to make cryptocurrency mining a more reliable income option, miners began to combine computing power into a single pool. To eliminate duplication of calculations within the mining pool, its participants apply process parallelization. In fact, the pool acts as a solo miner, but due to the accumulation of the pool members' capacity, it can earn more.

Another option for earning money on mining is cloud mining. In this case, mining equipment is used for remote centers. In fact, this is a rental of mining equipment and electrical networks, but with remote access. This allows the miner not to buy expensive equipment, and save on electricity costs in a country with high tariffs. For comparison, antminer s9 costs a few hundred dollars, plus you need to pay for electricity and other expenses. And with the cloud mining, the miner simply rents the necessary capacities without making any investments.

Mining without investments is bitcoin cranes, free mining websites where cryptocurrency drips to a personal account for viewing sites and passing a captcha, but the payment is so meager that you can’t count more than a few rubles a day. To bring the profit of cranes to at least hundreds, you have to use a lot of cranes at once and use a bot.