Why is it undesirable to use exchanges that do not work with RUB currency to exchange bitcoin for RUB? The reason is simple: when withdrawing, the exchange will take place at a cross rate, that means a third currency will be used. Such an exchange at cross-rate, also called cross-quote, leads to financial losses compared to a direct exchange of Bitcoin and further withdrawal to the card.

Therefore, in order to exchange Bitcoins for rubles, it is necessary to find an exchange that works with the Russian currency. There are few such exchanges: one of them is Utorg.

To withdraw bitcoins to rubles, you need to transfer the cryptocurrency to the exchange account and sell it for rubles, and then withdraw it through one of the payment systems or directly to a bank card.

Using Utorg, you can withdraw Bitcoins directly to a Sberbank card or another bank card. But you need to consider that the withdrawal of Bitcoins to Sberbank has its own specifics. The peculiarity in the increased control of customers - all transactions are carefully checked. For example, withdrawing Bitcoin from mining to Sberbank is a bad idea. Any doubtful, according to the bank, operation can be blocked, and the client will have to contact the branch or the hotline to unblock the funds. The blocking of funds during the withdrawal of Bitcoin to the card is justified in Article 115 of the Federal Law on Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, as well as in a statement of the Central Bank.

Many are interested in how to bring Bitcoins to Yandex Money. There is nothing complicated about it. It is enough to create a virtual card in your Yandex Money account - this is done for free and instantly. The card is valid for a year. At the end of expiry date of the card, you can order a new one. The card number can be seen in the application, and the cvv code and expiration date can be sent by SMS on request in the application to the number associated with the card. The card allows you to receive money, pay for goods and services using a smartphone and repeats the balance of your Yandex wallet. Top-up card replenishes your Yandex Wallet, and vice versa. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are withdrawn on a virtual Yandex Card as well as on a card of any other bank - transfer the cryptocurrencies to the Utorg exchange, exchange them for RUB and order withdrawals.