Many users are interested in how to withdraw Bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchanges? Bitcoins, like other cryptocurrencies, are withdrawed by transferring to a personal wallet.

After completing the purchase / exchange operations in cryptocurrency pairs or cryptocurrency-fiat pairs, the received tokens will appear on your wallet on the Utorg exchange. Further, user can withdraw Bitcoins (or another cryptocurrency) from the exchange wallet to a personal cryptocurrency wallet or exchange bitcoins for RUB or USD and withdraw the amount received to a bank account or account in one of the payment systems.

To withdraw bitcoins to your personal wallet, simply select Bitcoin among the possible withdrawal methods, specify the amount in the BTC you want to withdraw and the address of your wallet. Be careful with the address. In case of an error, it will not be possible to cancel the operation.

To ensure the safety of your assets, we recommend storing the withdrawn Bitcoins and other coins using a cold (not permanently connected to the Internet) wallet or a special hardware wallet.