With the popularization of cryptocurrency, there are more and more search queries in Yandex and Google like “How to get Bitcoin for free”, “How to earn Bitcoin” and even “How to download Bitcoin for free”. We will answer right away: you cannot download Bitcoin. It can be obtained on your cryptocurrency wallet by buying on the cryptocurrency exchange at the current rate, exchanging for a product / service or earning.

However, we will describe the main ways to get Bitcoin for free. It will be about the possibility to get Bitcoin without a purchase, but they all involve certain actions, which paid with the cryptocurrencies.

So, here possible ways to get Bitcoin:

  1. Cryptocurrency cranes. You can not call this method free. You are offered to perform various actions - enter captcha, click on links, leave comments. The amount of remuneration for such work is meager. There are a lot of cranes where to withdraw money after the working day will be a problem. In fact, there is an unqualified work for which 0.000N bitcoins will pay.
  2. Bitcoin Talk and other post writing services for a crypt. In such services, there is also no talk about free bitcoins. To earn coins, you need to write texts about cryptocurrencies and for this you will be charged a small fee. Moreover, in order to reach the minimum rate, you usually need to write a certain number of posts for free. Each post must be unique and contain at least 60 words. The text should carry meaning and useful information. And your account will have to earn a reputation and rating so that the money will start to be transferred to the wallet. In a post you need to write about cryptocurrencies in a positive way. 
  3. Jobs whitch paid with cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrency companies offer to pay salaries in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. In this area, the positions of developers, designers, marketing specialists, content managers and other Internet-oriented specialties are in demand. And this, of course, is not a way to get free cryptocurrency, but a way to earn it.
  4. Participation in affiliate programs. If you have a sufficiently visited website, a group on social networks, a blog, then you can enter into an agreement with a cryptocurrency company on advertising and get bitcoins or other digital money as a reward. Usually, the payment will be credited for each user who clicks on the link, or they will be offered to share with you the profit that the company earns on each client you refer.
  5. Games. We are talking about mobile applications and online gambling. Bitcoins you will receive either as a win or as a reward for certain actions - introducing captcha, viewing advertising, clicking on the link. It is again about meager earnings. And in the case of online casinos, you also risk to say goodbye to your own money, losing them. 

To summarize: getting Bitcoins or other digital coins for free is impossible. Cryptocurrencies - the same money as paper money, only exist virtually. As in the case of fiat money central banks, no one will give free cryptocurrency. To get it, you will need to provide advertising services, work or invest own money. If someone promises you to give Bitcoins for free, then do not believe it - they want to trick you. But you can get Bitcoins by buying it on the exchange, for example Utorg, or by investing money in a cryptocurrency fund, where experienced traders will trade in a crypt and multiply it for you.