What is a bitcoin rate?

This is the cost of bitcoin, expressed in another currency, fiat money or digital currecncies. Bitcoin rate can be determined to any currency - USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, ETH, NEM and all other existing, both digital and traditional currencies.

Where to find the Bitcoin rate?

The rate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are published on the websites of exchanges. But keep in mind that the rate published on the exchange depends on the volume of trading and can vary greatly from one exchange to another. This situation is relevant even for traditional, national currencies, which rates on various exchanges often fluctuate. For highly volatile digital currencies, this is even more relevant. Therefore, in order to understand the average rate of digital currency, you should go to exchange rate aggregators. One of the most famous and popular aggregator is the coinmarketcap.

Such aggregator platfroms collect information about the Bitcoin rate in RUB, USD, EUR and other currencies from various exchanges and show averaged data. Both on aggregators and exchanges shows the actual rate of Bitcoin as a graph. Also you can see the graph of Bitcoin growth for the day, week, month, year - any period of time over the entire existence of the cryptocurrency.

To find out the graph of Bitcoin growth to your national currency, visit the exchange that works with it. You can see the actual online rate graph Bitcoin to RUB on the Utorg platform.

Why do I need to know the rate and history of its changes?

Bitcoin growth chart shows how the price of cryptocurrency has changed over time. This information allows an experienced user to analyze the history of changes and determine the trend. Experienced traders make decisions in the digital money market by analyzing the graph of the Bitcoin exchange rate against the RUB or other currencies. Technical analysis allows you to determine how will change the price in the future in order to profitably sell or buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.