What is a Ucode?

Ucodes allow to instantly transfer funds between several Utorg accounts. 

How it works? 

User 1 wants to send User 2 some funds (fiat or crypto currency) 

User 1 navigates to the balances page and clicks the "Create" button and enters the desired amount to transfer.  

User 1 is also able to specify the email of the Utorg account of the recipient (optional)

As soon as user 1 clicks the "create Ucode" button - the corresponding amount of funds is deducted from balance and enclosed into a Ucode. 

User 1 should also receive a confirmation link sent to his email (active 30 mins). 

Ucode format 



Please do not show the Ucode to any 3rd parties, as it can be used to redeem funds enclosed in it.

Redeeming Ucodes and receiving funds

To redeem a Ucode please navigate to the balances page and click the "Redeem" button in the Ucodes section. 

After a Ucode is redeemed, funds should instantly appear on the user account balance.