2FA is a modern information protection system, which adds one more layer of protection (factor) for access to protected information.

To set up you will need:

1 - Active account on Utorg

2 - Smartphone based on iOS, Android, Microsoft, etc. with the support of the application for generating one-time passwords

How it works?

2FA is enabled by exchanging the secret 2FA activation code between the Utorg account and your smartphone, after which your smartphone will generate one-time passwords to confirm actions on the Utorg account.

One-time passwords consist of 6 digits and will be requested to confirm the withdrawal of funds, creation of codes, changing any information including the password.

Enable 2FA

To enable 2FA on your Utorg account - go to the settings of your Utorg account in the section "Profile & Security"

Below you will find the 2FA activity status and the activation button.

Then click on the "Activate 2FA"

Next, you need to install the application on your smartphone.

There are many applications, but we recommend Google Authenticator.

Link for iOS App Store

Link for Android

Link for Microsoft

Install the application and enter the password for your Utorg account:

The next step is to scan the QR code that will appear and after that one-time password will be generated.


Be sure to back up the 2FA recovery key.

In case your smartphone is lost, you can use this key to restore access to your account.

After you have copied the backup key - enter your one-time password in the field.

One-time passwords are valid only for 30 seconds.

Image result for google authenticator

If an error occurred in the one-time password - check whether the time of your smartphone synchronizes with the time on the server.

The security of your account depends on your actions.

Please keep your account password in a safe place, inaccessible to third parties.

Also, for complete security, you need to enable two-factor authentication for your mail.