Utorg - European cryptocurrency exchange, focused on users from around the world, including the CIS countries. We are in the European legal field, but  focused on Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian users and on European residents. Therefore, we are offering cryptocurrency pairs with a ruble and a dollar.

Utorg, founded in 2018, offers a new and improved way of interaction between users.

Supported markets:


Exchange for business

Utorg Exchange is focused not only on private clients, but also on corporate ones. We are the first exchange in the CIS for the B2B sector. We support the business, we organize loyal conditions, we set the priority of the convenience of financial companies. We have the most simple and convenient interface, comfortable tools for analytics, relevant courses and favorable conditions.

We care about your safety.

We use two-factor authentication to confirm any changes and transactions. It is quickly and at the same time increases the security of personal data of customers. We also use a combination of hot and cold wallets, multi-signatures and proactive transaction verification.

We provide maximum customer benefit and comfort.

Utorg users get round-the-clock marketing and technical support, internal codes with 0 commission. We have a large selection of payment systems and always relevant and profitable rates. And, most importantly, instant transaction processing using a fast working API.