Test Utorg and get bonuses

Utorg exchange testing manual 

We are at the stage of actively testing our service. Our main goal is to eliminate all technical and logical bugs and defects of Utorg exchange platform.

We would appreciate your feedback and honest comments about our service in terms of:

  • Convenience and usability

  • Attractiveness and understanding

  • Readability

  • Mood

  • Speed

  • Missing parts

  • Comparison with competitors


Benefits and bonuses for testing 

Everyone who helped us test and has completed the survey, will receive the following benefits as gratitude from Utorg:

  • 6 months without trading fees on the exchange

  • Access to a closed community with fresh updates on events in the crypto currency and crypto exchange industries.

  • Early access to the newest exchange features and functions. 

  • Fast track support service

  • Ability to offer digital assets for listing on the exchange.

Testing process 

To get all the benefits and bonuses, each testing participant needs to make the following set of simple steps.


  1. Get registered on https://utorg.io

  2. Test logging in and logging out of your Utorg account

  3. Enable 2-factor-authorization security system and test logging in and out with 2FA enabled 

  4. Get your identity verified by submitting photos and identity documents, give feedback on verification process.

  5. Perform actions and check them against the account activity log and transaction history (Activity log: https://utorg.io/profile/activity-log)

  6. Evaluate the usability of the above-mentioned features and pages.

Funds deposit and withdrawal:

  1. Deposit/withdraw cryptocurrency 

  2. Deposit/withdraw fiat currency (USD or RUB)

  3. Check and assess if performed actions correspond with recorded history (TX history page: https://utorg.io/finance/transaction-history)

  4. Evaluate the usability of the above-mentioned features and pages.


Set and cancel at least 1 limit and 1 market order 

Check and assess if performed actions correspond with recorded history (Order history: https://utorg.io/finance/order-history)

Evaluate the usability of the above-mentioned features and pages.

Platform sections :

  • Market overview (Evaluate content page: usability, convenience, information)

  • Visit and check operations of internal pages:

  • Profile settings and security

  • API

  • etc



The best way to submit feedback is through the form below. Please mind that feedback is required on all above-mentioned blocks separately. 

You can also forward your report to support@utorg.io, where customer care employees will be able to help and resolve any issues. 

Ideas, feature suggestions can be shared in our chat, where all messages can be discussed with other users and Utorg employees. 

Please be aware that a Utorg employee can contact you to request more information about your feedback, ask additional questions and ask to fill out an additional survey questionnaire.  

Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation!

After your feedback survey is submitted - you will receive 6 months without trading fees.  


The survey form is available here: 


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